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We teach mastery of oneself to help individuals reach their highest potential personally and professionally.


Masternomics LLC is a School of Self- Mastery that is dedicated to teaching the importance of self-mastery through self-awareness and self-accountability to inspire individuals to create the life they desire professionally and personally. We do this by focusing on providing programs, services, and courses designed to help raise ones conscious awareness mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.


Masternomics exist to help as many people as possible reach their highest potential in their personal and business life, by assisting them to access their personal power to create the life they desire. 

It's essential for us to network and support organizations and companies that are designed to create financial freedom and produce generational wealth. Each one, teach some.

How can we help you reach your goal?

We are here to drastically improve our students' quality of life by elevating their mindset. We do this by providing information, educating, and empowering our audience through courses and services to help expand their awareness and help them create the lifestyle they desire. It's essential to help our students build real wealth and uplift them financially, spiritually, mentally, and intellectually.


Step by step guide to developing an effective plan to build you as a business owner first, and then your business next.


Founder and C.E.O. Martin Glin

Martin "Chris" Glin is an Entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Founder of several corporations. With 25 years of experience as an independent business owner and entrepreneur. As the C.E.O. of Masternomics Institute of Learning, he helps develop and mold business professionals, entrepreneurs, and clients from all walks of life to create businesses and generate sustainable income sources. His passion for community development and helping humanity grew inside him as a teenager in New Orleans, La. And a student at the University of New Orleans. A scholar of comparative religious studies and spiritual development, it is his purpose to raise individuals' consciousness and help them use their higher mental faculties to operate at their highest ability and create the life they want to live in harmony with others on the planet. His philosophy of "Everything that you need is inside you" lead him to found The S.E.E.D. of L.I.F.E., A organization dedicated to Cultural Awareness and Economic Empowerment. The Acronym seed meaning Self Empowerment Equals Deliverance. As a Teacher of Financial Literacy, Life, and Business Coach, Martin Glin, without a doubt, knows the benefits of Proper Planning. The C.E.O. and Co-Founder of Global Tax franchise, Martin, teaches a specific strategy to success. Coaching dozens of clients regularly, developing business owners, Martin helps many students and clients become six-figure earners from the bottom up. Martin Glin's goal is not to only teach; it is to heal. He is a self-taught student of many great teachers of science, economics, history, and leadership. He is adept at the Mystical Arts and spiritual healing. Years of research and study of great leaders and teachers, along with the ancient African culture and spiritual sciences, inspired Martin Glin to create The Masternomics Institute. Martin created Masternomics to teach Self Mastery and inspire individuals to connect their mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of themselves to create and control their environment consciously. Martin's success in life and the business world could not have been made possible without proper planning. He offers his formula for business creation for anyone willing to grow to the next level.

President of Masternomics & Mindset Coach SABRINA GLIN

Sabrina "Hibbler" Glin hails from Eutaw, Alabama, as the 6th addition in birth order to her family. To say the thirty-one-year-old business owner and mindset and manifestation coach wears many hats would be an understatement. The dedicated family woman also juggles being a wife and mother to four children: Makiya (12), Sahura (3), and twins Jabari and Amari (2). Drawing on each other's strengths and knowledge, she and her husband, Martin, joined forces to build and run multiple seven-figure companies successfully. After a decade invested in studying mindset, manifestation, and personal development, Sabrina is now ready to share the same techniques she used to break her generational curses to uplift other women. Her passion for helping others derives from a space of love, but the spiritual giver wasn't always like this; she worked hard to become the woman she is today. Through one-on-one guidance from different multi-millionaires and spiritual mentors, she gained life and success skills that loosened the shackles attached to growing up in a broken family. Her mission is to aid women in overcoming stagnant and negative thought processes to create the life of their dreams. Sabrina creates courses and content intended to guide her tribe through steps and techniques she personally used to heal her broken past and elevate her to the Queen she is today. Sabrina teaches her tribe how to re-write their story to operate from a place of fullness. She understands that we can't pour from an empty cup. Sabrina knows from experience that a problem cannot be solved using the same mindset used to create the problem; one must experience a mindset shift to generate positive solutions. Using only the purest intentions, Sabrina coach her tribe to heal themselves because she firmly believes that when a woman heals herself, she heals all of those who came before her and those who will come behind her because society goes wherever the woman goes. The woman has to heal first since women are the first teacher. Sabrina finds comfort in journaling, reading, being in nature, creating content, painting, and drawing whenever she's not immersed in answering her calling to champion other Queens.

Habits of Successful People

People who are successful at achieving their goals don’t do it by accident. Research often shows us that successful people typically have in common consistently practicing success habits every day. If you’re aiming to achieve a breakthrough, here are ten everyday habits that successful people apply to rise to the top:

  • Wake Up Early

  • Have a Morning Routine

  • Always Focus on the Bigger Picture- Goals

  • Meditate

  • Persistent

  • Prioritize, Plan &, Delegate

  • Discipline

  • Surround themselves with other successful people

  • Know and Love Thy Self

Social proof: testimonials

Donnie Lee Jr.

After graduating from the University of Alabama, I realized that though I had my bachelors degree, I still lacked certain requirements to be successful in both life and business as well. I learned that the traditional education system only prepared me to be a better employee, to be given simple instructions with answers that existed within a binary, right or wrong. I knew this was not my calling, I wanted to create, I wanted to build and that's when I enrolled in the institute of higher learning known as Masternomics, LLC. This course has taught me everything I didn't learn in college about the nuiances of life that aren't taught at traditional universities, the very things we need to learn in order to be successful in the art of life. Martin Chris Glin has been one of, if not the most important professor of my life and I encourage all to take the next step to growth by joining this program!

Dixanna Savage

As a growing student and spiritualist, I have found the teachings of Masternomics very helpful and proven to serve greater purpose than the naked eye. I have to give account that much of my personal development in life sparked through one of the most profound teachers, Mr. Martin Glin. His wisdom supersedes most general knowledge available to the public. Because of him and his many foundations I have become a better equipped soul.

Noble Corwin Sledge

Masternomics LLC is the most powerful, informative and dynamic training I've ever taken. From self-development, business and overall life coaching, this course has changed my life. The thought processes I had before applying to Masternomics LLC are no longer there. It was nothing more than what we call stinking thinking. Masternomics LLC has shifted my paradigm and thought processes to more precise focus on my goals. The course informs you that you can create the future you envision and deserve. I, Corwin Sledge, as a result of taking the most powerful life training course offered is now the happy owner of (5) Five prospering successful businesses in the Central Alabama area. Masternomics LLC is responsible for 1.Sledge & Associates Insurance Agency, 2.Automotive People LLC, 3.Global Tax Inc.-Moundville, 4.The Trucking Consultants LLC and 5.Its Official Notary Services. Martin Glin, the founder of Masternomics LLC, truly has a genuine interest in teaching all who want success bad enough that will never QUIT. If you want success bad enough like you need air to breathe, please don't miss the opportunity to change your life by taking Masternomics LLC. Start making profits instead of wages. How Bad do you want it?

Maleah Bush

2020 has been a uphill journey that has opened up doors that at one point in my life was impossible. At the beginning of my teaching with Masternomics my mind was full of fear and bad programming. I forced life instead of allowing life and my dreams to flow. I would meet with Chris with a list of questions and desires. I wanted full control of everything around me and everything moving in my life. This program guided me on the path of less resistance, less fear and more faith. He quoted “ money is everywhere, you do not have to go get it”. This phrase sticks with me to this day. The moment I stopped controlling my money, MY money found me and continues to find me daily. He teaches me how to utilize and love the God in me. The God that gives love and abundance. The God that serves love and loves through action. My love for myself and people began to change. Instead of working for money, I began to serve in love. Instead of begging and forcing love, Genuine Agape love found me. The moment I let go.... life happened. Life is so very beautiful! A life that is so full of love. A life where abundance truly flows. I walk daily in my truths and God continues to shine love, abundance and light through each step I take. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. My mind is open and free. Whatever my heart desires, I receive ❤️ I serve love daily and love serves me. Thank you for teaching me principles that will increase in my life daily. My mindset is focused and ready to continue to speak and attract whatever I desire! I appreciate the love and dedication your service has poured into me!

Tyesha Mechell

If you are seeking direction to grow and build in Business and or Personal development, Masternomics will help assist in paving your way. Mr. Chris Glin is and has helped me understand what and how to build personally by shifting my paradigm to build my business. Chris Glin is an expert in what he does and will guide you along the way from talking to him personally or listening to Masternomics podcasts.

Elisa Marie

Working with Masternomics LLC has been quite an experience! They are very knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy! I was super skeptical in the beginning, as I am with working with anyone new. They truly want to see you succeed and they help push and motivate you in any way possible! They didn’t stop when business got tough for me, they continued to guide me and show me what real business is! I am forever thankful to them because little do they know that the first phone call was the start of a new beginning for myself and my business! Thank you Masternomics LLC for offering individuals quality and results!

Britney Clark Murray

My husband and I have worked with Chris of Masternomics on several occasions. He has assisted our businesses with obtaining funding, documentation for accurately reporting our earnings, and taxes preparation. He is a highly skilled entrepreneur with integrity and professionalism. He treats his clients with respect and responsiveness. I cannot speak well enough of his genuineness and insight on life and businesses. Masternomics is a resource for knowledge, lifestyle and personal development. I highly recommend Chris and his team for all of your business needs.

Ashely Gordon

Meeting Chris is the best business and financial event to happen to me. I have learned so much and profited immensely from what I learned. They have expertise in areas we all need help in from taking proper advantage of tax breaks, starting LLCs correctly to securing $100,000 plus in business loans and funding. Things as valuable as coaching and strategizing on new revenue streams and businesses. Not to mention he is trustworthy to boot. I've learned so much from knowing both Chris and Sabrina. I feel at ease in doing business with them. Sabrina is one of the kindest sincerest people you will ever meet and Chris will get you on the path to where you need to go. If you are working with these two you are in good hands.

CoCo Banks

I ran across the Masternomics Facebook page while searching for assistance on taking my business and Brand to the next level. I did a consultation with Martin Glin and since then I have opened my own business. I have also received very needed 1 on 1 business mentoring. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with this organization because of them my Dreamz are now my Reality.

Erica Barnes Grant

Masternomics LLC is a 1 stop shop for business owners! Chris Glin has guided me on a variety of business nuggets that has helped me thru situations and also be successful! From taxes, LLCs, investments, etc., Chris can guide any entrepreneur established and startup.